Paname in English - Open Mic

Paname in English - Open Mic

Open Mic c’est world class stand-up comedy en Anglais, tous les mercredis à 19h.

Open Mic is local stand-up comedy open mic in English, Wednesday 7pm. The Paname is proud to present this weekly exploration of thought and laughter!

La listes des artistes présents est indiquée sous réserve de modification :

Vanessa Starr, Elspeth Graty, Alexandre Quillien, Noman Hosni, Charles Pellegrin, Robert Hoehn, Fred Eyangoh,  et Luke Thompson, Lara Azar, Davina Bentley, Krishna Bagadiyah, Matt Boumal, Hugo Gertner,

Plus special guests from around the world!


Wanna try your hand? Sign up with host 20 minutes before the show.